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The “BMC Advantage” is our workforce.  BMC’s employees strive to address the demands of the industry, as well as customer’s specific needs. BMC has the capabilities, the experienced staff, and the perseverance, to meet and exceed the expectations of any current or prospective customer.

Extensive in-house capabilities allow BMC to easily increase production when your needs grow, without having to rely on outside suppliers. Design assistance is available from BMC’s engineering division.

BMC continues to receive accolades for meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and industry standards. BMC has also enjoyed a long and successful history as a tier-one supplier to International Truck and Engine Corporation by providing a wide range of products including mirrors, grab handles, seats, clutch rods and fuel tank guards. For the past ten years, BMC has serviced John Deere by delivering quality products in a timely manner.

BMC meets the stringent requirements of the U.S. government. The company began producing parts for AM General’s Hummer® in the mid 1980s. These parts — brush guards, seats, bumper brackets, and more — are put to the ultimate test by our troops.

BMC’s continuous cost-saving efforts through engineering, process flow and purchasing power have consistently exceeded the industry’s demanding cost-reduction requirements.  BMC maintains a competitive advantage by maintaining low overhead consisting of cost effective machinery and a local labor force.


Simple to Complex
BMC assembles complex components and sub-components including vehicle seating, complete mirror systems, and a multitude of heavy truck parts.

Line Sequencing
BMC has the capabilities, facilities, and the experience to line sequence any product to any location from EDI generated schedules. Mirror assemblies and wheels and tires are among the many products BMC has line sequenced.

Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
BMC has multiple facilities dedicated to the assembly line method of final manufacturing. These final products range from simple sub-assemblies to very complex final assemblies.


BMC packages their products in-house to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

BMC has years of warehousing experience and has several facilities capable of housing quantities of product. BMC’s warehousing capabilities interface with JIT operations to form a cohesive product management system.

BMC operates five strategically located manufacturing facilities within close proximity to their corporate headquarters in Donnelsville, Ohio. Each facility is unique in function and capability, but shares the overall goal of producing quality products and offering cost-effective services.

BMC offers several convenient ship points with daily and bi-daily shipping available to the customer by every transit means available in the industry. BMC assures the shipment of quality product in a timely manner.

JIT Delivery
BMC operates an internal fleet of trucks that travel from their shipping facilities right to the customer’s door. BMC has many years of experience in “JIT” delivery and consistently ships quality products, sequenced to schedules, on time.





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